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Alivi Health Wins Stevie Award for their Card Benefit Technology


May 1, 2023 - Miami, FL – Alivi Health, a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions, announced today that it has won a Stevie Award in the Healthcare Technology Solution category for its Card Benefit technology.

Alivi Health's Card Benefit technology is a revolutionary tool that simplifies healthcare benefit administration for health plan members, providers, and payers. With this technology, health plan members receive a card that acts as a single point of contact for all their healthcare needs.

It’s typical for health plan members to carry multiple cards like their member id card, dental card, vision card, gym card, pharmacy card, and OTC card, but Alivi’s solution is an all-in-one card. This means the cardholder can manage multiple benefits including dental, vision, hearing, over the counter, fitness, meal delivery, groceries, gas, bill pay, housing, home improvements, rewards, incentives, and more, all on one card. Additionally, the cardholder can easily navigate their insurance benefits, understand their coverage, and track their healthcare spending on the Alivi mobile app.

The Stevie Awards, known as the "business Oscars," recognize organizations and individuals worldwide for their achievements in the workplace. The Healthcare Technology Solution category honors companies that have developed innovative technology solutions to improve patient care and outcomes.

"We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award for our Card Benefit technology," said Magdiel Rodriguez, CEO of Alivi Health. "Our goal has always been to simplify healthcare and make it more accessible and affordable. This technology is a game-changer in the industry, and we are proud to be recognized for our innovation and commitment to improving outcomes."

Alivi’s Card Benefit solution is available nationwide for Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid Health Plans, providing an integrated solution for delivering comprehensive healthcare benefits to health plan members across the country.

About Alivi

Alivi Health manages supplemental and value-based healthcare benefits. Alivi's benefit solutions include non-emergency transportation, card-based benefits (including Flex, OTC, and wellness), and specialist benefits (including vision, physical therapy, and podiatry). The solutions focus on addressing social determinants of health, enhancing the member experience, promoting member engagement, and creating a competitive advantage for health plans. The company offers value-based programs like full-risk capitation and contractually guarantees that all performance standards will be met, with a smooth implementation.

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