Ancillary and Supplemental Benefit Solutions  

Contracting and managing specialists can be challenging, but their care plays a crucial role in driving better outcomes and preventing costly hospital and physician care. We develop and manage ancillary and supplemental networks to save both plans and providers time and effort.


Designed to Improve Health Outcomes

We bring benefit management expertise together with advanced technology and provider networks to enhance the healthcare environment and improve health outcomes.

  • Benefit Administration Expertise
  • Innovative Full-Suite Technology
  • Robust Network of Specialty Providers
Alivi Ecosystem

Provider Access: The Stakes

Specialty Networks are becoming narrower and more value-based, but members and regulators require access to providers wherever and whenever care is needed. We create and manage networks to save both plans and providers time and effort. 

Compliance Issues

Inconsistent and inaccurate reporting leads to wasteful spending and potential penalties from CMS

Lack of Accessibility

Size is not enough. Even with an extensive network, members can struggle to find care if appointments are not available in a reasonable timeframe

Slower Expansion

Expansion into new markets (i.e. counties/regions) depends on network adequacy, making it difficult for plans to scale without having the right networks in place


Ancillary and Supplemental Provider Networks

We create and manage provider networks to save both plans and providers time and effort. Networks include:

Alivi Acupuncture Provider Network Solution


Our acupuncture network is now a covered benefit for individuals with Chronic Lower Back Pain.

Alivi Chiropractic Provider Network Solutions


Our chiropractic provider network is our most mature, established in 1981. 

Alivi Podiatry Provider Network Solutions


Our podiatry solution has operated since 1993, serving communities for over 25 years.

Alivi Therapy Provider Network Solutions


Our therapy network includes Physical, Occupational, Speech and Massage Therapist.


The Alivi Difference


Network adequacy reporting and support. Timely, network adequacy reports based on CMS time-distance criteria powered by Quest Analytics.

BPO Reporting

Provider Relations team focused on strengthening ties with our specialists and the local health care provider community.

Alivi Provider Team

We listen to member requests for preferred Providers and recruit as needed to provide care that is also culturally and linguistically appropriate to ensure compliance.

Member Requests

Custom Network development based on adequacy and market expansion needs.

Provider Ancillary Networks
Alivi Ancillary Provider Networks



Connect With A Managed Care Expert

We help Health Plans improve quality measures while containing costs effectively by improving access to care through adequate provider networks, providing NEMT services to get them there, and offering management support through our BPO services. Schedule a call to learn how we can help you reach your quality and performance goals.

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