Alivi Health and RoutingBox Achieve Full Integration


Alivi Health and RoutingBox are now fully integrated, allowing healthcare operators in Florida to use RoutingBox in compliance with the state's GPS mandates. With this partnership, Alivi trips can be imported into the RoutingBox system, leveraging advanced features such as Route Optimization, Quick Assignment, and the Reservation Portal. This integration brings efficiency and compliance to healthcare transportation in Florida.


RoutingBox is the most comprehensive real-time NEMT Software for Dispatch, Scheduling & Pricing, built specifically for NEMT by NEMT experts. Leading the transportation industry for over a decade, RoutingBox has covered over 297 million passenger miles, transported over 1 million unique passengers, and is used daily by more than 15,000 vehicles across 43 States. RoutingBox helps transporters save time and money with best-in-class features to help with scheduling, dispatching, route optimization, and billing. We have designed our NEMT software to take the utmost care of you so that you can take the utmost care of your customers.


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  • Auto Scheduler: Optimize your daily schedule effortlessly with Auto Scheduler feature. It utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to maximize trip efficiency while minimizing vehicle usage. Considerations such as driver/vehicle schedules, capacities, load times, transport modes, and multi-loading are taken into account.
  • Eletronic Signatures & Geo Stamps: Streamline signature collection and trip verification with driver mobile app. Capture electronic signatures, along with precise latitude, longitude, and time stamps for each trip.
  • Driver Location & Time Tracking: Stay informed about your driver's real-time locations and progress on their next trips. Our live map provides up-to-date driver locations, while GPS tracking trails display their routes. Drivers can conveniently clock in and out using the app, particularly useful for hourly pay.

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