NEMT Visionary Ray Blanco Joins Alivi Health to Spearhead Network Expansion

August 16, 2023 - Miami, FL – Alivi Health, a leading healthcare benefit management organization, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ray Blanco as the Senior Director of Network Expansion (NEMT), effective July 24, 2023. Ray will lead the strategic expansion of the company's network. His proven expertise and transformative vision will drive the growth and evolution of Alivi Health's offerings across the nation.

With over three and a half decades of experience in steering program operations, overseeing transportation systems and fleet management, and ensuring regulatory compliance for State and Federal contracts, Ray Blanco is well equipped for the job. His remarkable ability to evaluate performance and introduce process enhancements that foster organizational expansion is matched by his profound familiarity with emergency medical, non-emergency medical, and Medicaid/Medicare transportation protocols. Ray is a pioneer in the NEMT industry, and his leadership contributed to a revenue growth exceeding $1.4 billion across 46 states, catapulting his former company from modest beginnings in Florida and Connecticut to a nationwide NEMT organization.

Alivi Health has revolutionized the NEMT industry with their state-of-the-art technology, resulting in a rapid expansion across the United States. Ray will collaborate with Alivi's executive team to craft and execute strategies that amplify our NEMT footprint on a national scale. He will also cultivate robust partnerships with State Agencies, augmenting our network of providers and vendors to ensure an unparalleled level of care and service for our valued members.

"I am enthused to embark on this journey with Alivi and to lead the charge in NEMT Network Expansion," remarked Ray. "Alivi's dedication to innovation and prioritizing member needs aligns seamlessly with my vision. The spirit of teamwork and collaboration among Alivi's talented individuals is inspiring, and I eagerly anticipate contributing to the establishment of Alivi's nationwide prominence."

Ray Blanco's appointment underscores Alivi Health's commitment to fostering innovation, achieving excellence, and propelling the healthcare industry forward.

"We are excited to welcome Ray Blanco to the Alivi family," said Caleb Rojas, President of Alivi Health. "His unparalleled experience and vision will undoubtedly drive our company's network expansion initiatives and contribute to our industry leading performance in non-emergency medical transportation.”

About Alivi

Alivi Health manages supplemental and value-based healthcare benefits. Alivi's benefit solutions include non-emergency medical transportation, card-based benefits (i.e., Flex, OTC, Wellness), and specialist benefits (i.e., physical therapy, podiatry). Alivi's world-class Non-Emergency Medical Transportation solution contractually guarantees they will meet all performance levels. By leveraging the most advanced NEMT technology and innovative processes, Alivi provides industry-leading performance in Member Satisfaction (>99.7%), Missed Trips (<0.04%), On-Time Performance (>98.5%), and more. The solution focuses on enhancing the member experience, promoting member engagement, and creating a competitive advantage for health plans.

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