Priscila Francisco Alivi

Priscila Francisco

Vice President, Human Resources & Training


Professional Bio

As head of the Human Resources department, Priscila Francisco’s focus is dedicated to establishing Alivi’s company culture across all business entities. Her vast array of responsibilities includes overseeing talent management, company benefits, staff performance, implementation of HR policies and many others. 

With over 15 years of experience in the human resources field, Priscila brings a wealth of knowledge to the Alivi leadership team. Her key contributions to both small corporations as well as Fortune 500 companies have made her the perfect candidate for her current role in this consistently growing environment. A certified HR professional, with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, Priscila has been able to implement extremely valuable policies and procedures during her tenure at Alivi. She excels at organizing and planning for short-term and long-term goals.

Earlier in her career, with her family in mind, she made the bold decision of trading her corporate career for an entrepreneurial venture. The intent was to achieve a healthier work-life balance that would allow her to embark in her event planning career while raising her young son. She treasures this time, in which she was able to sharpen her self-starter skill set and be heavily involved in family activities.

Priscila welcomes a challenge and is a true believer that a people-oriented company culture creates the most productive environment. Looking ahead, she is extremely excited of the opportunity to continue contributing to Alivi’s ongoing growth. 


"I love my job because I can influence decisions that can directly and positively impact people. The Human Resources function touches several aspects of the relationship between the employees and the organization. To know that we can serve as a liaison between these two with the goal of obtaining great results is very gratifying."

Priscila Francisco

Priscila Francisco

VP, Human Resources & Training at Alivi

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